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First Kiss


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First Kiss
by Ron D'raine
5" x 7"

A mother gently kisses her newborn son in this poignant composition of maternal love and devotion. The mother and child, respectively known as Misha and Makulu, were photographed at the Perth Zoo in Western Australia, a symbol of the zoos successful breeding program. 

Hunting, poaching and urban growth have threatened the numbers of Rothchilds Giraffe in the wild. Known as the five horned giraffe, their long graceful necks and gangly legs enable them to feed on tender treetops, lessening competition with other plant-eaters.

Makulu was the first Rothchilds Giraffe born in Australia, and he now lives in the countrys oldest zoo, the Melbourne Zoo. He has fathered two calves so far, and become an integral part of the breeding program that ensures the growth of this unique species..

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