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Magical Bubble Fairy


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Magical Bubble Fairy Stained Glass Panel
by Josephine Wall
Item #535
Dimensions: 7" x 5"

English artist, Josephine Wall, has been passionate about art since she was four years old.  Now a respected artist whose work is found on greeting cards and calendars worldwide, Josephines paintings combine the innocence and wonder of childhood with a lively imagination and whimsical romanticism which escort the viewer into a world of imagination. With hidden images and tiny details, each painting depicts worlds within worlds, to mesmerize for years.

With swirling pastels and soft lines, the Magical Bubble Fairy is a dreamy tableau of tranquility and mystery. Each bubble becomes a scene of its own, rich with the images of a fairytale kingdom of dragons and castles, flying ships and mythical beasts. The fairy herself is a portrait of exquisite beauty, eyes gently closed, golden hair and delicate gown swirling round, as she creates a haunting vision of loveliness, and the ephemeral secrets of dreams.

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