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Chagall: Sources of Music


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Item #9042

Sources of Music
by Marc Chagall
from the Metropolitan
Opera House, Lincoln Center
 5" x 7"

On the west side of the Lincoln Center is located the elegant Metropolitan Opera House, complete with Austrian crystal chandeliers, plush comfortable seating, and state-of the art technology. Although some New Yorkers still call it the "New Met," the current Metropolitan Opera House opened in 1966 with a premiere performance of "Anthony and Cleopatra." Soaring above the white and crimson Grand Staircase in the lobby of the Opera House are two commissioned murals by Marc Chagall, the 20th century Russian-born artist distinguished for his combination of surrealism, cubism and expressionism. Both murals exhibit Chagalls frequent use of biblical and cultural themes in an inventive colorful fantasy.

The license to reproduce these two murals, Source of Music and Triumph of Music has been granted to Glassmasters, a group of artisans from Richmond, VA who have become known for their museum quality stained glass reproductions. Glassmasters utilizes stained glass techniques centuries old in order to accurately match every nuance of the original masterpiece. Chagalls tributes to the operatic community are brought to life by the combination of light and color only available in the medium of stained glass.

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