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Coonley Playhouse Triptych


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Coonley Playhouse Triptych
from the Coonley Playhouse
Riverside, IL
Developed with the cooperation
of the Art Institute of Chicago
#9074 - 14 3/4" x 9 1/8"

In 1912, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a school and playhouse for clients Avery and Queene Ferry Coonley, advocates of progressive education especially for programs for young children. Called a playhouse because of its performance stage, which played a central part in the Coonley's program, the building boasted dozens of festive, brightly colored art-glass windows. Wright used balloons, checkerboard patterns representing confetti and an American flag to create a complex, abstract, asymmetrical design reminiscent of a parade. the nonobjective, geometric patterns are considered Wright's greatest achievement in art-glass. The triptych, which originally was installed in the radiator niche of the playhouse, is now in the collection of The Art Institute of Chicago.

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