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Pinks and Butterfly


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Pinks & Butterfly Stained Glass Panel
by Ando Hiroshige
Item #9120
Dimensions: 4 3/4" x 18"
*Acrylic stand or wooden easels included

The striking woodblock prints known as ukiyo-e (literally, pictures of the floating world) were developed in 17th century Japan and regained popularity two hundred years later. The expressive composition of line and space give romance and beauty to everyday scenes, and notably influenced the French Impressionists.

And Hiroshige was born in Edo (now Tokyo) the only son of a samurai warrior assigned to Edo castle as a fire warden. When Hiroshige was 12, his parents died and he inherited his fathers position in the castle. The job did not affect his art training, however, as Hiroshige graduated from the art school of Utagawa Toyohiro at age 15, taking the name of his master (Utagawa) as a sign of honor and respect. A prolific artist, Hiroshige produced over 5400 prints in his lifetime.

The radiant glow of light, and bold yet delicate lines of Pinks and Butterfly express the serenity of a Japanese garden. Hiroshiges ability to transform the ordinary into an oasis of tranquility has made his prints a timeless favorite.

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